Deon Hockey

Pastor & Founder

Pastors Deon and Charmaine got married early in 1989 and they have three boys Michael (oldest) and twins Jacques and Stephen. The whole family have been full time on the road since 1994. They have given up their home and their personal lives for the sake of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As the scripture says "as for me and my house we will serve the Lord". Pastor Deon has been in the ministry since September 1990, just three days after he and Charmaine accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. Pastor Deon grew up in the streets of Johannesburg in a very rough neighborhood called Hillbrow. Being involved with gangs, drinking alcohol, smoking and fighting he never had the opportunity to go to church. His parents didn't go to church or even belonged to a church and therefore Deon had no religious background or Christian knowledge at all. Before his salvation Deon was diagnosed with an incurable skin disease. There were no doctors that could help him.

When he became ill he did not know anything about the healing power of Jesus and he was not interested in church or God at all. When the skin disease came on him he was also drinking very heavily. He was invited to go to a church meeting where they prayed for the sick. Being desperate for healing he decided to go. A man by the name of Pieter Pretorius was preaching that day. An invitation for salvation was given and Deon gave his life to Jesus and afterwards he was prayed for to receive healing. The power of God came on him and he was healed from the sickness. He was also instantly set free from smoking and drinking. Jesus became so real to him that he started preaching three days after he was saved. The Lord immediately started using Deon, ministering in healing, signs and wonders. Deon was ordained as minister through Christian Family Church in South-Africa. He has ministered all across South-Africa and revival has been a big part of his ministry.

Many miracle healings has taken place. He has been on every major Christian radio station in South-Africa and has been on TBN. In the last three decades he has been averaging 300 meetings a year. He has had the opportunity to minister in countries like Russia, Ukraine, Botswana, Namibia, Swaziland, South Africa, USA, Australia, New Zealand, India, Myanmar, Philippines, Malaysia, and Fiji. God has allowed him to minister in churches like the Apostolic Faith Mission, Full Gospel Church, Pentecostal Protestant Church, NG Churches, United Methodist Church, Baptist Church, Church of God, Assembly of God Churches, charismatic churches, and non-denominational churches. Deon is also an ordained Minister of the Gospel through Five - Fold Ministries International under the leadership of Pastor Harold F. Weitsz of Little Falls Christian Center.

His ministry is rapidly expanding and he has an office in South-Africa which is located in Johannesburg. He is also currently submitting under Five-Fold Ministries International. In the USA Pastor Deon is under the leadership of Pastor Terry Drost, with an office at Peckville Assemblies of God in Peckville Pennsylvania and he has an office in Australia under the leadership of Pastor James Hewitt of Port City Church in Gladstone, Queensland.


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