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For the last three decades Pastor Deon has been preaching about 300 services every year. Pastor Deon does the teaching of the Word of God, and ministers to the people. His services start on a Sunday both morning and evening services and continues for the duration of the week until Friday. Saturdays is travel time to get to the next destination where Pastor Deon is preaching. Travel times can be up to 8 hours from one church to the next where Deon and his team continue with services the following day. It has happened that revival breaks out and church meetings can continue for one to nine weeks, and at times longer. To date there has been more than 600,000 souls won for the Lord. Pastor Deon has a passion to pray for the sick and many wonderful healings and miracles have taken place during his services.

Thousands of deaf ears have been opened by the power of Jesus name, blind eyes have received sight, lame people have walked and the cripple have been healed. Various types of cancers have been healed, and two people have been raised from the dead. God has also done creative miracles such as putting knees where there were there no knees; teeth were there were no teeth and legs growing out. There are thousands more testimonies of healings and many miracles that have taken place. Through the years eight churches have been planted and 12 Pastors ordained under Healing Ministries International. He has had the opportunity to minister in countries like Russia, Ukraine, Botswana, Namibia, Swaziland, South Africa, USA, Australia, New Zealand, India, Myanmar, Philippines, Malaysia, and Fiji.

Healing Ministries International has expanded and has taken on Stephen and Biancha Hockey on a full time bases. They will be in charge of marketing, events coordination, admin and bookings. They have the call of God on their lives and will also help in the ministering to the people.

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